This is a fantastic deal! You can save over 10 on the cost of purchasing the products individually by purchasing this bundle and we'll supply 3m of tubing absolutely free!

Bundle consists of:  
Sankey Keg connector S-Type (Sankey) Keg connector
The connection to the keg allowing the beer to be dispensed through the machine.

Contact us if you would like a different type of keg connector and we will supply it for a small additional cost. What keg connector will I need?
5 litre cleaning bottle 5 litre cleaning bottle
Keep your beer fresh tasting and prolong the life of your beer dispenser by regular cleaning to help remove any residue left by the beer. Supplied with a female connector of your choice.

3 metres of tubing

3 metres of tubing

To connect your beer dispenser to your keg connector and get on the way to pouring your first perfect pint.
Available for just £75.00*
*when purchased with a beer dispenser
plus p&p of £10.95
Connector Type:

Once you purchase this full kit you have everything you need to start pouring your beer (apart from the keg of course). Screw in the taps to the dispenser, connect the keg connector to the machine and onto your chosen keg via the tubing provided, plug in and switch on the machine and in 5 minutes your fresh ice cold beer is ready to pour.

Please note: This offer is only available when purchasing a beer dispenser at the same time or for customers
who have previously purchased a beer dispenser from us.

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