With experience in bars catering for up to almost 4,000 party goers you can be assured that your festival is in safe hands. Draught Beer Online provides a full draught beer, cider and prosecco wine hire service making your festival truly fantastic and one to remember with as little hassle as possible. You keep your revellers happy whilst we keep you happy. We can even offer a free Tequila/Jagermeister dispenser with your order, keeping every shot chilled to an ice cold -5°C!*.

Our delivery personnel can arrange a delivery and pick up time that is convenient for you. We can deliver and pick up 7 days a week. We even pick up or deliver on Sundays at no extra charge.

We have a wide range of dispensers for hire to suit each individual customer's requirements. Draught Beer Online recommends the Kontakt 115R, the Kontakt K40 and the Kontakt K55 dispensing machines.

The 115R is our most powerful dispenser and is a favourite amongst our clients producing a whopping 150 litres per hour at 4°C whether it rains or shines. Ask our advisers for more information on how to set up the bar in a way that suits you, increasing your efficiency and sales.

Simply call us on 01256 768 933 or see an example of one of our previous festivals here.

easy to set up and operate
Health and Safety:
works with or without CO2
150l/hr at 4°C from one plug socket
delivery and pick up on Sundays at NO extra charge!