Draught Beer Online provides a full draught beer hire service, making your special day truly fantastic and one to remember with as little hassle as possible. Our delivery personnel can arrange a delivery and pick up time that is convenient for you as we understand that it can be quite a busy time as the big day approaches.

What's more, we set up free of charge and our dispensers can be easily unplugged and stowed away when the kegs are finished allowing you to have more freedom with the space available at your venue.

We have a wide range of dispensers for hire to suit each individual customer's requirements. Draught Beer Online recommends the Kontakt K55 and the Kontakt K40 for weddings for their functionality and elegance. Drinks can be dispensed by the guests themselves from self service dispensers or set up in a traditional bar format. Ask our advisers for more information by calling 0118 982 1292.

We are also pleased to announce that we now provide Prosecco in 30L kegs allowing you to pour ice cold sparkling Prosecco effortlessly for your guests or allow your guests to easily pour their own.

For the price of Prosecco and our other products please visit the beers and wine available section.

Enjoy your special day and let us do some of the hard work