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Reading University Student's Union Summer Ball

Reading University Student's Union Summer Ball 2014 The annual Reading University Student Union Summer Ball was held on 14th June this year and once again we supplied '6 of the best' of our unique double tap draught coolers to dispense the famous 'Snakebite' that is so popular at this event!

Since 2011 we have been contracted to supply a series of double font coolers across several bars to cope with the huge demand placed upon the bar staff. And 2014 was no different. This year the draught dispensers used were 2 x Kontakt 115/K (a high volume dispenser), 2 x Kontakt 40/Kprofi (our best-selling model), 1 x Kontakt 55/Kprofi and 1 x Kontakt 70/K.

There were thousands of thirsty students to keep refreshed we had to make sure drinks were poured quickly with wastage kept to a minimum.

With Katy B headlining, the sun shining and gallons of drink successfully poured and consumed, the event was another great hit for the university.

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New Year, New Offers
February 2014

New Year, New Offers Our special offer on Ecofass kegs proved so popular we've already sold out all our stock. We're due more soon but in the meantime contact us to discuss what Ecofass kegs are most suitable for you.

We presently have available Qty 16 x 20 litre Ecofass Kegs (2nd generation) at the special price of £54.00 + VAT each including Sankey valve for all 16 off. Dimensions:
Height: 482mm
Diameter: 310mm
Weight: 4.2kgs
Colour: Black

With this innovative keg, microbreweries can open up new revenue streams from customers who would not previously have considered draught products. As there is no air ingression, product life is extended - particularly suitable for outlets with low volumes.

Bistros and small restaurants are now able to dispense draught beer even if they don't have a cellar! For this type of dispensing, any one of our range of portable beer dispensers are a perfect match with Ecofass kegs as they cool the beer down to 4°C (or lower) within 5 minutes of being switched on, even if the keg is not cold. With built-in compressors they do not require gas so it couldn't be easier – just "plug and pour".

Whilst stocks last we're offering the Pygmy 25/K at the special discounted price of £445, a saving of £50. With the appropriate keg coupler this dispenser will connect to any standard keg, KeyKeg or Ecofass keg.

Mini but Mighty
April 2013

New Mini Compressor Draught Beer Online has a brand new product which will be especially interesting for users of KeyKegs, Ecofass and any other bag in the keg products.

We are now importing miniature but very efficient air compressors. Designed for use instead of CO2 or mixed gas these 'micro-compressors' are particularly useful for behind the bar pressurisation of Keykegs, etc. without the need of cylinders and regulators.

The same air compressors can be found in our range of portable beverage coolers which have a proven design, quiet and totally reliable.

Fully finished in stainless steel, The compressors have variable pressure adjustment from 1 to 3 bar that can be set on the integral gauge and are fitted with a molecular filter at the suction which ensures clean output air.

Mini Compressor With their small footprint these compressors can easily be placed under a bar and by using John Guest push-fit fittings connecting everything together is simple.

Model Output Dimensions Weight Price
VK 15 40L p/h 225 x 151 x 204mm 3.0 kgs £145
VK 30 140L p/h 225 x 151 x 204mm 4.2 kgs £155

Combined with KeyKegs or Ecofass kegs these compressors will allow you to expand the range of drinks you can offer. They truly are an ideal addition for anyone requiring compressed air, be it a small bar, portable bar or home bar.
Ecofass Launches Second Generation Kegs
February 2013

Second Generation Ecofass Kegs With the release of the latest Ecofass Kegs we needed the perfect platform to display and demo them, and where else could be better than BeerX?

We will be at SIBA’s (Society of Independent Brewers Association) BeerX from 13-15 March 2013 at The Ponds Forge Conference Centre in Sheffield.

Visit us on Trade Stand No. 18 where the new Second Generation reusable Ecofass kegs with one-way bags will be on display.

These new slimline design, space-saving Ecofass kegs will be available in 10L, 20L, 25L and 30L sizes. Dimensions (only one diameter for all the new kegs = 310 mm):

Volume Height Weight
10 lt 340 mm 3 kgs
20 lt 482 mm 4 kgs
25 lt 562 mm 4.3 kgs
30 lt 642 mm 4.7 kgs

How To Connect Ecofass Kegs Ecofass kegs are very cost-effective and have a great advantage over standard kegs. Because the product is kept within a disposable bag there is no keg washing requirement, plus only the bag is replaced not the complete keg such as with Keykegs. They are fitted with either standard S Type or A Type keg couplers are stackable and very robust.

We will also be dispensing beer from an Ecofass keg utilising one of our unique portable draught beer dispensing coolers. Being a forward thinking company we believe this combination of keg and dispensers is the future of dispensing beer and other beverages without the need for gas cylinders.

So come and see the future of draught beer dispensing at BeerX!
Fever Pitch
September 2012

Click To View Ideas from small and medium-sized enterprises can be submitted to The Compass Group for consideration by members of its 'the !dea Works' team. Applicants are shortlisted before the suppliers with the best concepts are called into the boardroom to pitch their proposals in a 'Dragons Den' style presentation.

This is what we at Draught Beer Online did recently and were one of the lucky companies to be selected. The panel of judges consisted of; Nick Vadis - executive chef, Claire Nutter - head of commercial - health, wellbeing and sustainable sourcing, Oliver Cock - managing director, commercial and Adam O'Connor - head of central marketing.

Nick Vadis liked the simplicity and lack of Health & Safety complications and could definitely see where the portable draught beer dispensers from Draught Beer Online could work within The Compass Group.

Adam O'Connor commented "This product could dramatically change parts of our business where we need to deliver chilled alcoholic drinks, either at short notice or in unusual environments. We're going to speak to our sports stadia clients about deploying this product for the new season."

After the pitch, which can be seen here, we received four resounding 'Yes' votes from the panel of judges.

We are at present awaiting for the !dea Works team to outline our portable draught beer concept to the Sport, Leisure and Hospitality sector of the Compass Group and discuss how it can best be utilised within the Company.

We are hoping to see this sector utilise our portable draught beer dispensers in their hospitality suites and elsewhere at the various large sporting venues where the Compass Group is responsible for contract catering e.g. Wimbledon, Chelsea FC, Goodwood, Brands Hatch, Millennium Stadium, The O2, Twickenham, The Brit Oval, Cheltenham, Aintree, Henley Regatta and Lord's, to name a few.

The Weyhill Beer Festival
August 2012

The Weyhill Fair Beer Festival The annual Weyhill Fair Beer Festival was held this year from Friday 21th to Saturday 21st July. With live bands, great food and plenty of beer it's proving to be a very popular local event.

Rob Eyre, of The Weyhill Fair near Andover, contacted us to supply four double tap draught beer dispensing coolers in order to minimise waste. Setting up in the 'lager tent' the four coolers were put to work dispensing both Fosters and Kronenbourg.

The weather had not been great in the week leading up to the event, but it didn't actually rain on the first day and, during the course of the weekend, the weather improved greatly. Although the numbers were down on last year, approximately 3,700 people attended over the two days and 28 kegs of lager were consumed – all beautifully chilled and dispensed by our unique portable draught beer dispensing coolers.

Thanks to Daniel Hobson for supplying the photographs used in our gallery. Please visit his website:

Ecofass Keg Demo at the Rail Ale Festival
May 2012

The Rail Ale FestivalThe Rail Ale festival was held on 18 and 19 May 2012 at the Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre. There were over 150 different ales on offer, 40 ciders and perrys as well as several bottled world beers.

Draught Beer Online was invited to attend the Rail Ale Festival by the Event Organisers to give a dispense demonstration utilising KeyKegs and the new Ecofass reusable kegs with 'bag-in-keg' technology.

There was a special 'European' area in which we set up three double tap dispensers; the Kontakt 55/Kprofi, the Kontakt 40/Kprofi and the Pygmy Tower 25/K on the Craft Keg Bar.

These were used to dispense Summer Wine Brewery's Oregon Pale Ale, Kernel Brewery's Citra IPA, Magic Rock's Magic 8 Ball and Thornbridge Brewery's Halcyon all in KeyKegs - as well as Lovibonds Brewery's Henley Gold and 69 IPA in Ecofass kegs.

There was a short 'trade' period between 10 and 12 on Friday morning prior to the festival opening and a demonstration of the 'bag-in-keg' technology together with portable dispensing was given to several interested brewers. The dispensers utilise compressed air to squeeze the beer-filled inner bag in the Ecofass or Key Keg, making these an ideal combination for easy portable dispensing.

DBO draws a crowd at The Rail Ale FestivalThere was a lot of interest in the demonstration and later on in the day, even more interest in the beautiful beers being dispensed!

It was a pity the weather was so cold but it didn't seem to deter the hardy beer drinkers who arrived in their droves. It seems the final attendance figure topped 5,000 which is a record for this particular event!

All-in-all the Barrowhill Rail Ale festival was a great success for everyone concerned and our demonstration certainly enlightened the forward-thinking brewers in attendance.

Hotelympia 2012 - We Won!!
March 2012

We entered the Hotelympia Innovation Awards 2012 (Technology category) with our unique portable draught beer and wine dispensing coolers and were delighted to be announced as one of the 6 finalists.

Kontakt 55/Kprofi This enabled us to display the Kontakt 55/Kprofi in the boulevard at Hotelympia for all to see as they entered. This in itself generated a lot of interest resulting in additional traffic to our Stand.

However, things really kicked off when 'Star' Chef Jason Atherton revealed the final results of the innovation awards on Monday after the ideas had been pitched to a "Dragon's Den" style industry panel.

Accepting the Innovation Award at Hotelympia 2012We were absolutely thrilled to receive the Innovation Award for our portable draught beer and wine dispensers, especially as we faced some stiff opposition from large international companies but still managed to impress the judges.

Handing out commemorative plates to the winners, Jason Atherton said: "Innovation is the key to success. New ideas and products take forward-thinking people, and we’ve seen a great standard."

Although our dispensers are innovative when used with standard kegs, they are even better when coupled with KeyKegs or Ecofass kegs. The beverage in these kegs will last longer as both types of keg will prevent air ingression into, or contamination of, the beer, wine, cider, lager, Prosecco, stout, etc.

Innovative Keg with Disposable Bag
January 2012

Innovative Keg with Disposable Bag Draught Beer Online is pleased to announce it has available a new keg from C G Industry using the bag-in-a-keg principle. With only the bag being disposable instead of the whole keg, this new cost-effective innovation provides many benefits to breweries and other drink producers.

Constructed from reusable HDPE, the kegs are fully recyclable and easily stackable for storage and palletisation. Keg washing is no longer necessary because of the internal disposable bag. Innovative Keg with Disposable Bag This equates to a huge reduction in water and chemical products usually required for this purpose.

Unlike normal kegs, gas is not essential for dispensing - compressed air is adequate to pump the air into the space between the inner bag and the external keg. This is a big health and safety benefit as well as being more economical. The biggest benefit of this innovative new keg is increasing the product shelf life as the one-way bag preserves the beverage and there is no air or gas ingression.

In addition to preserving the beverage there is also no loss of beer or other drink when the keg is nearly empty - every last drop can be dispensed by the customer.

This makes the kegs ideal for use with Draught Beer Online's portable dispensing coolers with onboard compressors.

Weight: 4 Kgs
Size: 40 cms diameter x 44 cms high
Volume: 30L now available, 18L and 11L sizes available from April 2012
Couplers: Compatible with standard 'A' and 'S' type keg couplers
Filling: No specialised filling equipment required

More information on this new type of kegs can be found in our Ecofass section.

Reading University Student's Union Summer Ball
June 2011

Reading University Student's Union Summer Ball 2011 We were first contacted by Rob Phillips, Food & Beverage Manager at Reading University Students' Union several months ago as he was planning several events during June, the main one being the RUSU Summer Ball on the 18th.

Last year they had a cellar in a trailer running pythons to the fonts. This not only took up a lot of space but was inefficient due to fobbing and consequently high wastage.

After meeting Rob at Reading University we discussed his requirements and agreed that six double tap dispensing coolers would be up to the job of supplying almost 4000 students with pints of their favourite tipple... 'Snakebite'. Each double tap unit was to be coupled to a keg of lager and a keg of cider for this purpose.

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