All our wines are delivered in 20L recyclable KeyKegs providing top quality Italian sparkling and still wines on tap, catering for the hotel, restaurant, bar, events and domestic markets.

Wine in KeyKegs Freshness straight from the vat into the glass!
Whereas traditionally, sparkling wines have been sold in 75cl bottles, our product range is now imported directly from Italy in disposable KeyKegs, making the wines available on tap.

With no air or gas ingression into the wine, it tastes exactly the same as when it was first kegged at the winery in Italy. The product lasts for 12-18 months unopened and for approximately 4 months once the KeyKeg has been broached.

KeyKegs are compatible with most existing cellar and dispense systems but will require a special KeyKeg coupler which we have available. If you don't have a cellar, no problem - you can dispense any of our sparkling or still wines beautifully chilled using one of our portable dispensing coolers - great for mobile applications too!

On-tap service of "bubbles by the glass" creates excitement and allows you to tap into a growing market segment with a unique product.

Our wine products offer exceptional revenue and profit potential so you can develop a sparkling "by the glass" business. On tap speeds up service and lowers your labour cost. No time is lost by opening the bottle and re-corking after service. Imagine the time gained when preparing a tray of glasses for a welcome reception! Minimise wastage: stop throwing away half-full bottles which have lost their bubbles. Enjoy more efficient use of cooling space, optimise storage space and no more empty bottles to remove and dispose.

Our range of wines include:

Glera del Veneto (Prosecco) IGT San Martino Sparking White Merlot Rosato del Veneto IGT Chardonnay Pinot Grigio Sauvignon Bianco Veneto IGT

More information on our wines can be found by clicking the above glasses.

Please note that still wines are ordered on request and will require three weeks for delivery.