Draught Beer Online was invited to attend the Rail Ale Festival by the Event Organisers to give a dispense demonstration utilising KeyKegs and the new Ecofass reusable kegs with ‘bag-in-keg’ technology.

There was a special ‘European’ area in which we set up three double tap dispensers; the Kontakt 55/Kprofi, the Kontakt 40/Kprofi and the Pygmy Tower 25/K on the Craft Keg Bar.

These were used to dispense Summer Wine Brewery’s Oregon Pale Ale, Kernel Brewery’s Citra IPA, Magic Rock’s Magic 8 Ball and Thornbridge Brewery’s Halcyon all in KeyKegs – as well as Lovibonds Brewery’s Henley Gold and 69 IPA in Ecofass kegs.

There was a short ‘trade’ period between 10 and 12 on Friday morning prior to the festival opening and a demonstration of the ‘bag-in-keg’ technology together with portable dispensing was given to several interested brewers. The dispensers utilise compressed air to squeeze the beer-filled inner bag in the Ecofassor Key Keg, making these an ideal combination for easy portable dispensing.

There was a lot of interest in the demonstration and later on in the day, even more interest in the beautiful beers being dispensed!

It was a pity the weather was so cold but it didn’t seem to deter the hardy beer drinkers who arrived in their droves. It seems the final attendance figure topped 5,000 which is a record for this particular event!

All-in-all the Barrowhill Rail Ale festival was a great success for everyone concerned and our demonstration certainly enlightened the forward-thinking brewers in attendance.