An economical and ecological alternative to metal kegs.

The revolutionary Ecofass keg is a new cost-effective reusable keg, made from HDPE with a disposable (and recyclable) inner bag.

Traditional aluminium kegs are heavy, require cleaning, a target for theft and leave some of the product in the keg. Ecofass addressed these issues with the conception of the Ecofass keg which can be easily recycled making it eco-friendly.

With only the bag being disposable instead of the whole keg, this new cost-effective innovation provides many benefits to breweries and other drink producers.

With no keg washing required, the Ecofass keg helps reduce waste, maintenance, cleaning and transport costs whilst helping the environment. Giving you cost savings while lowering your carbon footprint.

A cost-effective design

  • No cleaning required
  • Simple stay fresh disposable bag
  • Option of replacing CO2 with compressed air
  • Bags can be fully emptied
  • Optimal storage and unaltered flavour

An eco-friendly keg

  • Made with recycled materials
  • No cleaning, no chemical products, conserves water

A convenient keg

  • No cleaning
  • Lighter than metal kegs
  • Ergonomic handles for easier handling
  • Easily stackable
  • Available in 10Ltr, 20Ltr, 25Ltr & 30Ltr kegs

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“We purchased a Kontakt 55/Kprofi machine for its versatility and size and have been using this in our leisure branch cafe plus at exhibitions and shows. It truly is great value for money and is an instant fix for anyone looking to serve draught alcohol with limited space. We are now looking to install these machines in future branches of 918 cafes.”

918 Leisure Limited

“We purchased the Soudek 50K – a beautiful piece of equipment finished in oak. We bought this to compliment our Hog Roast service which has been very well received. Requiring no gas and being easy to operate this piece of kit is ideal for outside events and catering businesses wishing to offer that little bit extra. We will no doubt be purchasing another machine for our larger Hog Roast parties that may require more than 65-80 pints of delicious cold beer per hour.”

K2 Catering & Hogroast