With the release of the latest Ecofass Kegs we needed the perfect platform to display and demo them, and where else could be better than BeerX?

We will be at SIBA’s (Society of Independent Brewers Association)BeerX from 13-15 March 2013 at The Ponds Forge Conference Centre in Sheffield.

Visit us on Trade Stand No. 18 where the new Second Generation reusable Ecofass kegs with one-way bags will be on display.

These new slimline design, space-saving Ecofass kegs will be available in 10L, 20L, 25L and 30L sizes. Dimensions (only one diameter for all the new kegs = 310 mm):

Volume Height Weight
10 lt 340 mm 3 kgs
20 lt 482 mm 4 kgs
25 lt 562 mm 4.3 kgs
30 lt 642 mm 4.7 kgs

Ecofass kegs are very cost-effective and have a great advantage over standard kegs. Because the product is kept within a disposable bag there is no keg washing requirement, plus only the bag is replaced not the complete keg such as with Keykegs. They are fitted with either standard S Type or A Type keg couplers are stackable and very robust.

We will also be dispensing beer from an Ecofass keg utilising one of our unique portable draught beer dispensing coolers. Being a forward thinking company we believe this combination of keg and dispensers is the future of dispensing beer and other beverages without the need for gas cylinders.

So come and see the future of draught beer dispensing at BeerX!