Draught Beer Online is pleased to announce it has available a new keg from C G Industry using the bag-in-a-keg principle. With only the bag being disposable instead of the whole keg, this new cost-effective innovation provides many benefits to breweries and other drink producers.

Constructed from reusable HDPE, the kegs are fully recyclable and easily stackable for storage and palletisation. Keg washing is no longer necessary because of the internal disposable bag.
This equates to a huge reduction in water and chemical products usually required for this purpose.

Unlike normal kegs, gas is not essential for dispensing – compressed air is adequate to pump the air into the space between the inner bag and the external keg. This is a big health and safety benefit as well as being more economical. The biggest benefit of this innovative new keg is increasing the product shelf life as the one-way bag preserves the beverage and there is no air or gas ingression.

In addition to preserving the beverage there is also no loss of beer or other drink when the keg is nearly empty – every last drop can be dispensed by the customer.

This makes the kegs ideal for use with Draught Beer Online’s portable dispensing coolers with onboard compressors.


Weight: 4 Kgs
Size: 40 cms diameter x 44 cms high
Volume: 30L now available, 18L and 11L sizes available from April 2012
Couplers: Compatible with standard ‘A’ and ‘S’ type keg couplers
Filling: No specialised filling equipment required