Draught Beer Online has a brand new product which will be especially interesting for users of KeyKegs, Ecofass and any other bag in the keg products.

We are now importing miniature but very efficient air compressors. Designed for use instead of CO2 or mixed gas these ‘micro-compressors’ are particularly useful for behind the bar pressurisation of Keykegs, etc. without the need of cylinders and regulators.

The same air compressors can be found in our range of portable beverage coolers which have a proven design, quiet and totally reliable.

Fully finished in stainless steel, The compressors have variable pressure adjustment from 1 to 3 bar that can be set on the integral gauge and are fitted with a molecular filter at the suction which ensures clean output air.

With their small footprint these compressors can easily be placed under a bar and by using John Guest push-fit fittings connecting everything together is simple.

Model Output Dimensions Weight Price
VK 15 40L p/h 225 x 151 x 204mm 3.0 kgs £145
VK 30 140L p/h 225 x 151 x 204mm 4.2 kgs £155

Combined with KeyKegs or Ecofass kegs these compressors will allow you to expand the range of drinks you can offer. They truly are an ideal addition for anyone requiring compressed air, be it a small bar, portable bar or home bar.