We also offer an alternative solution to the all in one dispensing cooler, which is of the more traditional set up where you could use an under-counter cooler with gas or external air compressor alongside any of the Lindr taps or towers. We offer two different types of under counter coolers and they are as follows:

AS range – a classic water-cooling system used for many years. You pour water inside the machine within approx. 40min the cooling process begins. An ice bank will be created around the evaporator.

CWP range – This is a water-cooling system as well, but a much newer technology. The CWP 200 and 300 have an ecological refrigerant which enables this range to have a 20% more cooling power with a 20% lower electrical consumption. This machine creates an instant energy so the cooler is ready to begin cooling after 10 minutes from switching the machine on. The cooling and evaporating coils inside the machine are very close together which is what makes the instant energy and the cooling a lot more efficient. The machine doesn´t need to create ice bank for cooling, it only creates an ice crust around the evaporator which is enough for a proper cooling process.

Both the AS and CWP under-counter coolers will need to be accompanied by a dispensing tower, taps or bridge as well as an external propellent, either gas (C02 or Mixed) or an external air compressor such as a VK30.

DBO can supply everything for your dispensing needs from gas regulators, external air compressors, towers, taps, bridges, pipework, python, fittings and couplers. For a fully comprehensive, tailored quote please contact us directly.