The annual Reading University Student Union Summer Ball was held on 14th June this year and once again we supplied ‘6 of the best’ of our unique double tap draught coolers to dispense the famous ‘Snakebite’ that is so popular at this event!

Since 2011 we have been contracted to supply a series of double font coolers across several bars to cope with the huge demand placed upon the bar staff. And 2014 was no different. This year the draught dispensers used were 2 x Kontakt 115/K (a high volume dispenser), 2 x Kontakt 40/Kprofi (our best-selling model), 1 x Kontakt 55/Kprofi and 1 x Kontakt 70/K.

There were thousands of thirsty students to keep refreshed we had to make sure drinks were poured quickly with wastage kept to a minimum.

With Katy B headlining, the sun shining and gallons of drink successfully poured and consumed, the event was another great hit for the university.

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