We were first contacted by Rob Phillips, Food & Beverage Manager at Reading University Students’ Union several months ago as he was planning several events during June, the main one being the RUSU Summer Ball on the 18th.

Last year they had a cellar in a trailer running pythons to the fonts. This not only took up a lot of space but was inefficient due to fobbing and consequently high wastage.

After meeting Rob at Reading University we discussed his requirements and agreed that six double tap dispensing coolers would be up to the job of supplying almost 4000 students with pints of their favourite tipple… ‘Snakebite’. Each double tap unit was to be coupled to a keg of lager and a keg of cider for this purpose.

“We used Draught Beer Online to supply beer dispensers at two large outdoor events we had, the largest being our annual Summer Ball which was attended by 3700 people.” said Rob. “We used six double dispense units across two bars which were delivered straight to site and installed in no time with no fuss. The main benefit we found with these units compared to what we have used before is that they did not require a cellar set up with pythons being stretched along the bar and the extra cost of gas.”

As the date approached the weather was particularly awful. However, the huge “Big Top” marquee was specially designed for this purpose and was able to protect the people and equipment inside. Fortunately for ther attendees the weather did clear on the day itself. We set up the six dispensers in approximately one hour the day prior to the event with no hassle or fuss. Then, all that remained was for the students to have a damn good time and enjoy themselves.

Rob continued, “All the units were stand-alone that sit on top of the bar and connect straight into the keg underneath the bar so there was no need for separate cooling units or fonts either. We also considerably cut our wastage as there was literally no fobbing.”

By all accounts the Summer Ball, headlined by Ellie Goulding, was a great success and appreciated by all – with the last revellers leaving at 6:00 am the next day!

“During the event we went through 30 kegs and only recorded 12 pints wastage. The beer that was dispensed was also smoother and served at the correct temperature. We would recommend Draught Beer Online to anyone who is thinking about dispensing beer for an outside event or need a dispense unit for any of their bars. Glen and Gerry were fantastic helping us to organise installation and I am confident we will use them again in the future.” concluded Rob.

Certain photography supplied by Luke Dyson and reproduced under permission, click on any photo to enlarge.